Quilt Pattern Designer

I am the Adventurous Quilter, I have self published more than two dozen quilt pattern books.


In addition to my quilt pattern books I have an autobiographical book addressing grief and violence within my first family and a curvy health and fitness themed book to inspire other plus size women to enjoy, explore and claim their joy no matter their size.    

Food Blogger

After retiring from traditional paid employment & relocating to Perth, Western Australia in January 2023 I immersed myself in the fabulous food culture of Western Australia on my Perth Food Affairs Blog where I share my insights into the best eateries Perth has to offer!

Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate

In 2020 I became a domestic violence awareness advocate and was named a Hero by Safehouse Denver

Yoga Teacher & Curvy Fitness Enthusiast

In my late forties I am embracing not only my curves but my greying hair, wrinkles etc. and taking on a role as a body positive ambassador, blogger and plus size yoga teacher!

Chronic Illness Warrior

I have a chronic migraine condition, hEDS tracheobronchomalacia & vocal cord dysfunction.

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