Marianne Jeffrey 

Bachelor of Education - Primary years 1 - 7, Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia

Now living in Denver Colorado

My Teaching Philosophy

Three of the vital elements in providing quality education are:

-          Create a positive classroom environment

-          Implement effective teaching practices

-          Cater to the individual needs of my students

Provision of a positive classroom environment can help to ensure that my students feel valued, welcome and supported throughout their time in our classroom. In order to achieve that I ensure it is a major focus during the planning, implementation and review of my teaching. Positive communication with my students, their parents, school staff and the wider school community can help to foster that sense of support and belonging. This approach to creating a positive classroom environment helps me ensure that academic performance and achievement are possible for all students.

In order to implement effective teaching practices I ensure that I am a reflective practitioner constantly reviewing my methods of teaching in order to improve my instructional skills. This requires me to keep up with educational research and the goals of the school and school district that I am employed by. I must ensure that my students are able to gain the maximum benefit from the curriculum and individual lessons. I constantly strive to improve my teaching skills and adapt my pedagogy to provide learning experiences that are effective to further the learning of my students.

Effectively catering to the individual needs of all of my students requires an ongoing commitment to motivating my students to achieve their potential. Fostering that internal drive or intrinsic motivation will ensure that my students are increasingly engaged in work that furthers their skills. It is important for me to differentiate instructions and tasks to ensure that all students are challenged by the tasks assigned but not so challenged as to be frustrated. This multifaceted approach to catering to the needs of my students will help me to ensure that I am empowering my students to succeed.

These principles guide me in the planning decisions I make. However I also consider what complimentary teaching practices can be interwoven with these ideals. Some specific classroom management strategies I employ are:

-          Provide opportunities for student choice

-          Set goals with students

-          Allow time for students to reflect on their learning

-          Make links to prior learning

-          Build a rapport with my students and their families

-          Implement co-operative learning structures

-          Ensure the teaching and learning has relevance to student lives

-          Be consistent with behaviour management

These principles and strategies are the tip of the iceberg when I consider my teaching philosophy however they are fundamental concepts to effective educating and are therefore of utmost importance to me now and into the future.

Differentiating lessons is an important element in effective educational environments. There are many ways to differentiate, here are some practical strategies for differentiation that I have used: